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Since 2003, Reliable has been the go-to source for air conditioning and heating services in Bloomington, IL and surrounding areas.  We are proud to be a family and veteran-owned business.

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Get trusted A/C Repair in Central Illinois and Bloomington-Normal area with Reliable Heating and Cooling.

We’re the go-to experts for air conditioning repairs in Central Illinois and Bloomington-Normal area. A broken A/C unit in the middle of a hot summer can spell disaster. Our reliable team is here to set you up with a new one and get the job done right!

When should I repair my A/C?

If you suspect there’s something going wrong with your A/C system, or notice any type of change in your air quality, you should contact a professional to check for any necessary repairs. This, of course, goes without saying if your system has failed entirely. But deciding if you’re going to repair your system or just replace it depends on any number of these factors:

  • The age and general shape of the existing system
  • The efficiency of your system
  • How effectively the system works for your home
  • The cost of repairs vs. replacement

Our team will consider each of these points when advising you on proposed repairs.


Air Conditioning Repair FAQ's

Q: Do I need a professional service to repair my A/C system?

A: Unless you are a trained professional, it is recommended that you leave your HVAC system repairs to someone who is. In other words – yes, find a professional, unless you’re extremely confident that you’re up to the task.

Q: Does my system need maintenance?

A: Yes, regular maintenance can prevent many A/C repairs from having to be performed in the first place, by correcting any minor issues as they arise.

Q: How often is maintenance required?

A: We recommend that your system is maintained twice per year: once in late spring, and once more in late fall before the beginning of winter.

Q: Why does my system run all day long?

A: This happens when your A/C system no longer has the capacity to cool your home efficiently or effectively. This can either mean your system is too small, or has lost capacity and needs maintenance or repairs.


We service all air conditioner makes and models.

Whatever the make of model of your existing system, Reliable Heating and Cooling has the knowledge and tools to service it. Our trusted team of licensed, bonded and insured experts will guarantee your entire repair process is carried out efficiently and professionally, while offering utmost customer service at each step.

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