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Since 2003, Reliable has been the go-to source for air conditioning and heating services in Bloomington, IL and surrounding areas.  We are proud to be a family and veteran-owned business.

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Air Duct Cleaning

We are the air duct experts. Whether your A/C system is five months old or five years old, we bring our expertise to your home.   Air duct cleaning is best for newer A/C systems. If your A/C system is more than 15 years old, you should consider replacing it rather than cleaning the ducts.

Don’t hesitate to call. There are so many reasons to keep your air ducts clean. If you’re not a fanatic about air quality yet, you might become one when you experience the difference of air quality in your home after your cleaning.

Air ducts can accrue all kinds of things. Dust, allergens, and more keep your forced air from being 100 percent pure. If you aren’t worried about indoor air quality yet, you might become worried with time. What most people recognize as important, though, is wear and tear on their systems. Your A/C functions best with regular cleanings. Just like you need clean pipes in your car, you need clean ducts in your home to keep the A/C running optimally.  Experience the benefits of Air Duct Cleaning by calling our team of professionals today.

Air Ducts and Allergies

Allergies can significantly lessen with clean air ducts. Whether you live in a high-pollutant area or not, allergens and dust can sneak in through the air ducts in your home. If you have an allergy-prone family member, cleaning the air ducts is a great thing to do for their health. But the truth is that allergens irritate everyone in your family. Don’t let pollen, dust, mites, and more build up in what should be clean air. 

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Your home is one of your most important assets. Homes with maintained A/C systems have a strong selling point. It’s much easier to sell a home that smells amazing and has great air quality, but the actual A/C system is worth a lot of money.  Trust the pros at Reliable to keep your HVAC system in top shape throughout the year.

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