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As an Illinois resident, you know what it’s like to struggle with finding a comfortable temperature in your home. The elements outside creep in, making some rooms too hot, some too cold, and almost none of them just right. There’s constant adjusting of the thermostat in an attempt to find some sort of regulation, but it just doesn’t work.

One of the worst parts is that this battle for comfort in the home can send your electric bill through the roof. When that bill comes you kick yourself, frustrated that the cost wasn’t even worth it.

There are many reasons why most people’s HVAC systems have trouble regulating the temperature of the home. However, most of the time it boils down to one common issue, a poorly working HVAC system that only has one thermostat.

When your home uses just one thermostat, it is only reading one area of your house. Yet, the temperature in each room depends on a number of factors, such as window treatments, outside shade, working appliances, and more. That means the different rooms that aren’t read by the thermostat will end up hotter or colder than you want them to be.

Benefits of Zoned AC

You don’t have to struggle with high costs and trying to regulate your home’s temperature any longer. By switching to a zoned HVAC system, you will easily be able to regulate the temperature in your home.

A zoned HVAC system does just what it seems like it does; it allows you to place different thermostats in multiple rooms in your home, enabling you to have your desired temperature in each location.

Zoned HVAC systems come with temperature controls for each zone, dampers, and a master control panel. Dampers are used to control the amount of air that passes through, directing it towards the zone where it is needed, while the control system opens the ducts and ensures proper cooling of each zone.

There are a number of benefits of having a zoned HVAC system installed, including energy efficiency, comfort, longevity, and cost.

Home Zoning FAQs

Q: Can you convert a regular system into a zoned one?

A: Yes, you can convert a regular HVAC system into a zoned system. Dampers will need to be installed in the ductwork, and you will need to have programmable thermostats, zone control panels, and sensors added.

Q: Where should we divide our zones?

A: You’ll want to be intentional when you divide the zones in your home. Some people merely divide by top floor and bottom floor, while others consider the different hot and cold areas in the home. You can divide your zones however you want, just make sure they suit your preferences and needs.

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