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Since 2003, Reliable has been the go-to source for air conditioning and heating services in Bloomington, IL and surrounding areas.  We are proud to be a family and veteran-owned business.

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Smart thermostats save homeowners money and every day. With a smart thermostat, you can easily adjust settings when you come and go from your house. Many of these thermostats are accurate to within one degree.

These thermostats are a convenient and energy-saving part of a smart home hub. But you don’t have to have every bell and whistle on your hub to work with a smart thermostat.

We install several major brands of smart thermostats. The ones we work with are brands we believe offer superior value and performance.

Save money with a Smart Thermostat

The main reason people use smart thermostats is to save money. You can save 12 to 15 percent on your heating bill with a smart thermostat. In areas with high heating bills, this can add up to substantial savings.

Set It and Forget It

People who switch to smart thermostats to save money often discover more value as they use the thermostat. The newer smart thermostats are advancing at a fast pace.  They can do things like “learn” your heating and cooling schedules. All you have to do is set the thermostat with your preferred times and temperatures.

Help the Environment

Smart thermostats always help the environment by reducing energy use. But you can take it a step further by installing a smart thermostat that is specifically designed for eco-friendly performance. Let the thermostat do the work! Sit back and enjoy your home.

Control Everything from your Smartphone

The great thing about these thermostats is that they can operate with commands from your smartphone. Heading home in an hour? Tell your thermostat to heat the house up for you. Leaving unexpectedly? Delay your regular heating schedule on the go. There is simply no comparison to the convenience that these thermostats offer. Whether you’re heating a small apartment or a five-bedroom house, saving has never been easier.

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